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"We Want to Make Machinery with Our Wisdom and Compassion"
"AMITEC" BRAND NAME has our wish.

"AMI" is originated from Sanskrit "Amita",
"Amitava" and "Amitayus" that mean
"Eternity", "Ray & Wisdom" and "Compassion".

"TEC" is from "Technology". "AMITEC" is aggregated our philosophy.

Stable triangle means long-standing experiences and trusts, strong swirl means energy for the future.

Corporate philosophy

Create high value-added technology and achieve harmony and participation in happiness of people who are involved and supporting our business

Management concept

  1. Contribute to prosperity of society through manufacturing high quality industrial machinery
  2. Become a group of reliable people by gathering wisdom and vitality
  3. Contribute to development of technology as software advisor by cherishing creativity

Guide of behavior

  1. Engage in things with sincerity and heart of consideration to others
  2. Positively challenge to business opportunities
  3. Cope with anything with the drive of speed
  4. Materialize ideas with dynamic and flexible way of thinking

Quality Policy

ISO9001 Quality Policy

Deliver the best quality in order to obtain customer's confidence and satisfaction