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Company Profile

Company profile (as of March, 2018)

Trade name AMITEC Corporation
Foundation April 11, 1949
Capital JPY 75,000,000
Business activity Manufacture and sale of processing-machinery for woodworking, metal/non-metal and plastics/composite materials machinery
NO. of employee 113
Location Head office: 31-25, Uchihama-cho, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 467-8580 Japan
Branch offices: Sendai, Nagoya and Osaka
Factory: Uchihama (Nagoya), Motoshio (Nagoya) and Komaki (Komaki)
Showroom: Motoshio(Nagoya)
Facility data Land space Total floor space
Office 5,018㎡  1,998㎡
Factory 7,764㎡  7,886㎡
Warehouse 1,161㎡  920㎡
Banks Resona Bank Ltd. Akamondori Branch Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank Ltd. Uchidabashi Branch The Bank of Nagoya Ltd. Uchidabashi Branch
The Aichi Bank, Ltd. Horita Branch Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Ltd. Nagoya Branch

Office & Factory

Head office
31-25 Uchihama-cho Mizuho-ku Nagoya 467-8580 Japan

Main factory
31-25 Uchihama-cho Mizuho-ku Nagoya 467-8580 Japan

Komaki factory
153 Muranaka Komaki 485-0082 Japan

Motoshio showroom
1-28 Motoshio-cho Minami-ku Nagoya 457-0823 Japan

Osaka office
Three-eight Bldg. 202, 1-5-35 Oka Fujiidera Osaka 583-0027 Japan

Sendai office
43-9 Kakinouchi Matsushima Matsushima-cho Miyagi-gun Miyagi 981-0213 Japan

Company history

April, 1949 Takekawa Iron Works Co.,Ltd. was founded in Meizen-cho, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya.
Began manufacturing and selling processing-machinery for woodworking with JPY800,000 in capital
February, 1973 Choosen as a winner of 7th Good company grand prize of 7th
October, 1974 Moved the head office to the current location in Uchihama-cho, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya
August, 1976 Increased the capital to JPY30,000,000
May, 1979 Opened the new factory, Uchihama factory (main factory
September, 1984 Increased the capital to JPY75,000,000
April, 1988 Opened the new facility, Motoshio Showroom
June, 1988 Introduced Corporate Identity campaign
July, 1989 Changed the trade name to AMITEC Corporation
February, 1991 Refurbished Meizen factory
January, 1992 Acquired land Meizen-cho
December, 1993 Acquired the land adjacent to the head office in Uchihama-cho
July, 1996 Set up Internet Web site
March, 2001 Certified under ISO9001
June, 2001 Formed the business cooperation group with IIDA KOGYO CO.,LTD
April, 2003 Started operation of Komaki factory in Komaki city, Aichi
January, 2005 Certified under Aichi Quality by Aichi prefecture
March, 2005 Acquired land and building of Komaki factory
November, 2006 Acquired land and main office building of Komaki factory
March, 2008 Merged the subsidiary, Three A