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Question: How many machines do you have in your show room?
Answer: More than 20 machines from woodworking machines to metalworking machines are always exhibited in our Motoshio Showroom.
Customers shall be welcome at any time, and visiting Motoshio showroom will be a best opportunity to see real machines in person.

Question: Where is your showroom?
Answer: Our showroom is about 10 minutes ride from AMITEC head office.
AMITEC head office and Motoshio showroom are located in about 30~40 minutes by car from the Chubu Central Airport.
Question: Can you do demo test at your laboratory or factory?
Answer: Customer work-pieces are most welcome for test at our Motoshio showroom.
We have more than 20 machines at our showroom ready for any customer requirements.
Please send samples to AMITEC.
For further communication, contact at or call at +81-52-822-7161.