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 Corporate Profile


 ・April, 1949 Takekawa Iron Works Co., Ltd. was founded in Meizen-cho, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya..
  Began manufacturing and selling processing-machinery for woodworking with JPY800,000 in capital
 ・October, 1974 Moved the head office to the current location in Uchihama-cho, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya
 ・August, 1976 Increased the capital to JPY30,000,000
 ・May, 1979 Opened the new factory, Uchihama factory(main factory)
 ・September, 1984 Increased the capital to JPY75,000,000
 ・April, 1988 Opened the new facility, Motoshio Showroom
 ・June, 1988 Introduced Corporate Identity campaign
 ・July, 1989 Changed the trade name to AMITEC Corporation
 ・February, 1991 Refurbished Meizen factory
 ・January, 1992 Acquired land in Meizen-cho
 ・December, 1993 Acquired the land adjacent to the head office in Uchihama-cho
 ・July, 1996 Set up Internet Web site
 ・March, 2001 Certified under ISO9001
 ・June, 2001 Formed the business cooperation group with IIDA KOGYO CO., LTD.
 ・April, 2003 Started operation of Komaki factory in Komaki city, Aichi
 ・January, 2005 Certified under Aichi Quality by Aichi prefecture
 ・March, 2005 Acquired land and building of Komaki factory
 ・November, 2006 Acquired land and main office building of Komaki factory
 ・March 2008 Merged the subsidiary, Three A

 Award (2000-)

 ・September, 2000 4-surface Sander. Prize for an excellent work at 18th Osaka Wood Technology
  Fair December, 2000 Ovally Sander
  Nagoya industrial-arts Grand Prix, Nagoya City Association for Industrial Technology prize
 ・October, 2001 Diamond Roll Grinder. Technical prize for an excellent work at 35th Nagoya
  International Woodworking Machinery Fair
 ・October, 2002 Round Bar Sander
 ・Prize for an excellent work at 19th Osaka Wood Technology Fair
 ・November, 2003 Vertical Moulder. Technical prize for an excellent work at 36th Nagoya
  International Woodworking Machinery Fair
 ・October, 2004 Full Automatic Running Saw. Press club prize at 20th Osaka Wood Technology Fair