Motoshio showroom machine list



 Type of machine  Model name  Main purpose
 Work-piece size (mm)
Size cutting
 Running saw  RCVH250-125   Size cutting (wood)
 2500W x 1250L x 100T
 Running saw(NEW)  RCN310-245   Size cutting (wood)
 3100W x 2450L x 90T
Grinding & Sanding
 Wide belt sander (frame up/down) NEW  NSFX45AV  Sanding wood surface
 450W x450T
 Wide belt sander (frame up/down)  SGRHB130CV  Sanding wood surface
 1300W x 150T
 Wide belt sander (frame up/down)  SPC45A  Sanding wood surface
 450W x 450T
 Soft wide sander  STT130DVDV  Sanding painted surface
 1300W x 150T
 Wide belt sander


 Suitable for thickness control of small clutch plate

 250(W) x 1〜10(W)mm

 Wide belt sander  NSE65AVJ  Sanding wood and painted surfaces
 650W x 150T
 Wide belt sander  SKT100DVL  Sanding wood and painted surfaces
 Wide belt sander  SU30DC  Sanding wood surface
 CROSS belt sander  CS61S  250〜610W×0.2〜5Tmm
 Wide belt sander(New)  NTS130DV  For processing Lamella
 Abrasive belt grinder (wet system)  SS201UB  Grinding metal surface
 190W x 99T
 Bottom type deburring machine (wet system)  SSF201  Grinding backside of convexed parts
 150W Min. size: □40
 Wheel grinding machine (wet system)  PFD301  Deburring and grinding of punched-out parts
 280W x 1〜6.5T Min. length:180L
 Crossmatic belt grinder (wet system)  NTX051  Grinding small metal parts
 500W x 95(table lift)
 Flex wheel grinder  DF502  Deburring fine burrs
 500W x 95(table lift)
 Flat belt grinder (wet system)  SSB07  Grinding small metal parts
 70W x 100L x 30T 
 Round bar sander  SKC10  WPC sanding, Wood sanding
 φ30〜φ100 Min. length: 1200
 Wide belt sander  SYR40DV  WPC sanding
 400W x300T
 Combination sander (frame up/down)  2M30S2  WPC sanding, Wood sanding
 Diamond roll grinder (frame up/down)  SRD651  Ceramic material (hard material)
 650W x 150T
 Diamond roll grinder (frame up/down)  SRD30ST  Ceramic material (hard material)
 Lengthwise slicer  VTS35  Slicing flitch
 350W x 350T
 Vertical milling machine  PV70CA  Thickness correction of laminated wood
 700W x 200T
 Vertical sander for plywood  VSRP130DD  Vertical sander for plywood (located at head office factory)

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